What's the difference between customers and prospects?

Customers and prospects are treated very similarly in Receptive, but there are a few key differences: 

  • We never email your prospects. Even if you have customer notifications turned on, invitations, notifications, and engagement emails will NOT go out to your prospects.
  • "Account value" for prospects is their potential MRR (deal size), for customers it's typically their current MRR.
  • Prospects don't have access to Receptive (unless they have an account as a free trialler in your product.) Your sales team will need to submit, vote, and prioritize requests on behalf of prospects. 
  • Customer demand data appears under the "Customer SmartList", and prospect demand data appears under your "Prospect SmartList". You can view all demand data in one report by clearing the "Account status" filter under "Advanced" > Account filters":



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