Why would our development team want to use Receptive?

Q: We're concerned that our development and engineering teams will not be willing to employ a new feedback tool. Why would they specifically want to replace the old system?

A: For development teams, taking on a new tool can be a difficult ask. But with Receptive, it's easy for three reasons...

Receptive takes a ton of work off of their plates, it's easier to make development decisions (and arguably better decisions that they know are impacting the entire organization), and along with all of that Receptive gives your customers and team members a much better experience, so they aren't knocking down your door. (Check out this podcast for more on the last point.)

In other words, your development team doesn't need to lift a finger until they want to access the data in their Receptive reports. That's the beauty of it! It's more robust than other feedback tools but MUCH more efficient. You can avoid the "black hole" of traditional customer feedback forums with the way Receptive is built to work for each team in your company, including your development team. 

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