How long does it take to implement Receptive?

Q: How long does it typically take to fully implement Receptive?

A: It's super quick and easy! 

The Receptive javascript integration usually takes about 20 minutes (see this case study and this one) to set up, and you can add on some auto tagging configuration at the start which takes a bit more time. (Most of our customers wait until they know what kind of data they want before setting up auto tagging.)
The thing that usually takes the longest is pulling together your backlog and populating a few items on your roadmap + latest releases (which is all optional). The CSV import is quick in Receptive - but getting the data together can occasionally take the most time. 
We have a feedback policy template which takes care of most of the upfront customer + team onboarding. After launch, we'll work with your product team to make sure they get the most out of Receptive, but upfront they don't need to lift a finger. 
In summary, if your "champion" spends an afternoon on Receptive, you can get everything ready to go and then launch as soon as the integration is released. Or, if you want to get started immediately, just start inviting in your teams + customers and let them populate your account for you!
Here's our getting started guide with all of the detailed steps, and when you become a Receptive customer we'll send over a personalized checklist based on your plan and use case. 

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