Can my customers segment their dashboard?

If your product is particularly complex, you may want to separate feedback for different aspects of it, like design or integrations, for example.

Customers could then choose which aspect of the product their request belongs to as and when they submit it.

It also means that they could narrow their list to a specific part of your product when it comes to browsing through other requests.

You can allow your customers to do this by using our multi-product feature. 


Instead of setting up multiple products like in the image above, you can set it up as multiple aspects of your one product. This provides your customers with a drop-down menu with which they can filter their dashboard, effectively segmenting it.

It also means they have a choice of segment when they submit a request of their own.

For more information on multi-product, you can head here: Multi-Product with Receptive or contact us to get additional products added onto your account.

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