Can I use Receptive to track bugs?

Receptive is a specialist product for collecting & understanding feedback. It is not a bug tracking system and we do not recommend using Receptive for collecting bugs. 

There are many, brilliant products available to create a help center and workflow for managing & tracking the resolution of bugs in your software products. Here at Receptive, we use Zendesk for our customer help centre and main line into our technical, onboarding and support teams. 

There are also many free products available so check out the Capterra ratings, or the G2 Crowd bug tracking category.

How Receptive works alongside a support channel/bug tracker

Receptive gives you a separate channel for product feedback which means you capture all of the little improvements that actually have a BIG impact on your customers' experience with your product. 

Customers will wait until there's a real issue to contact support. This is correct, but having an area specifically for feedback, ideas and/or features requests creates a different sort of dialogue between you and your customer base and dramatically increases engagement. 

A separate product feedback channel also saves your support teams days of effort each month; instead of dealing with product ideas and requests (which inevitably make their way into your support channel!), they can focus all of their time & efforts solving real issues. 

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