What happens to declined requests?

When you change the status of a request to "declined", the request is not deleted from Receptive completely.

Viewing Declined Requests


From an end user's point of view, the request will disappear from their dashboard and priority list. They will still be able to access declined requests, however, if they have the direct url or if they search for the declined request.

Team members will be able to view declined requests by going to "Browse", and then checking the "Declined" box on the right-hand side, or by searching for the request.


Suggested Requests

When an end user or team member submits a request, declined requests will appear in the suggestions box. 

Interacting with Declined Requests

Should an end user navigate to a declined request, they will be unable to vote on it. They can, however, comment on the request.

The same goes for team members.


We believe it's important that end users and team members can still view declined requests. This helps to clarify why their similar idea may not be built. They might, for example, begin to submit an idea and see that a similar idea has already been declined. They would then understand why and save you from having to deal with another similar request.

Furthermore, we allow users to vote on declined requests because it's possible they have a different use case for the idea which would shine a new light on the request and make it a more viable option in future.


To sum up, when a request is declined, it disappears from the dashboard but not from Receptive entirely.

It can still be accessed by team members and end users, and can be commented and voted on.


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