Custom saved response ideas


Custom saved responses allow you to pre-populate responses when updating the status of a request.

Read more about setting them up here

Saved response ideas

Awaiting feedback:

This first response is a great example of how to incorporate your Product Feedback Policy:

"Thank you for taking the time to give us your valuable feedback.

This request is now "Awaiting Feedback" so that we can gauge demand from other customers and gather use cases.

Make sure to click "Want" on this feature if you also need it and keep your priorities up-to-date.

For more information, please refer to our Product Feedback Policy here:"

Or if you don't have a feedback policy yet, you can explain (in as much detail as possible) what will happen next:

"Thanks for this suggestion! We review all suggestions monthly and work on the ones which our users find most valuable. If we release any features you have personally requested or voted on, we will e-mail you to let you know when it has been released. Thank you very much!"


"We like this idea & it's where we are taking our product."

"This isn't a top priority right now but we do plan to look at this in the future because the request aligns with where we are taking our product.

Our product teams use the reports regularly so if we receive more demand for this request, it will be moved to building in our regular roadmapping meetings.

Please refer to our Product Feedback Policy for more details on our process:

If this is still important to you, please update your priorities and let us know in the comments how this is stopping you getting value from our product.

Thank you for your help!"

"This work hasn't been scheduled yet, but it's on our project list for next year."


"Our development team is hard at work on this feature right now. You can check back soon for an update!"


"We appreciate every suggestion. Right now this doesn't fit with our strategy but it may do in the future."
"I think we're going to stick with the current status stages for the foreseeable. I can see a potential customization of the stages, but if we do that it would probably be best to have them completely configurable. We have to balance that against it being simple to explain and manage our product, too."
"Good news! You can already do this. Just go to... We'll close this one off, if you have any questions, reply to this message."
"What we suggest is.... As there would be a large amount of coding work to accomplish something with a simple workaround we're going to turn this one down. If you have any questions, reply to this message."
"Thank you for your feedback. As explained in the comments, I will close this suggestion because what you want is already possible."
"Declining. This request has been around for a while now, and its a bit too vague, I think its become slightly 'all things to all people'."


Default saved responses

By default you have several pre-populated options in your account:

Awaiting Feedback:

"We're gathering feedback from customers, so that we can gauge demand for this feature. Make sure to click "Want" on this feature if you need it."


"Coming soon! this is a high priority for the team here!"
"This is on our roadmap now, we can't give a definite date for release, but it's coming."


"We've started on this feature, we'll let you know when it's released."
"Our development team are hard at work on this feature right now, check back soon for an update."


"Released now. Thanks for all your interest in this feature, your feedback helps us to build a better product."
"This has been built, and should be available in our next release, which is scheduled for [DATE OF RELEASE]."


"Out of scope, we just don't think that this is somewhere that we're taking our product."
"We don't think there's enough demand from our customers, and we've got to focus on where we can help the most customers."
"Duplicate, I'm declining this as we've got this covered in another feature request: [LINK TO REQUEST]." 


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