Bulk update requests

You can quickly update the status of multiple requests at once, from your "Browse" page in Receptive. 

A common use case for this is to do your "One minute triage" of new requests, which we'll walk through below. 

As new requests come into your account, you'll want to move them to the status "Awaiting Feedback" once you've given them a quick check. To do this, click the "Browse" tab, filter down to your "Not Reviewed" items:


If you're just managing a part of your overall product, you can use the product and feature filters to drill down into the requests that relate to you. 

Then do a quick review of your new items, and then select the requests you'd like to update to "Awaiting Feedback". On the right hand side you'll select the new status:

And then customize the response before sending an update:

Get this great custom saved response here

That's it! You've just updated multiple requests to the "Awaiting Feedback" status without lifting a finger. 




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