Why is the popular vote different than the number of users who "want" a feature?

When you're in the reporting page and you look at your popular vote report, you'll noticed that the total vote count may be different than the number of users who "want" a feature on the individual feature page.
Popular vote report: 

Feature page:

The number of votes in the reporting area can vary based on the filters that are applied on the left hand side.
The default popular vote report will be active (non-churned), paying customers (no internal team votes) only. 
You can adjust the filters on the left hand side to include all customers:
Just select "Any" under Account Status and "Any" under Account Activity to see all customer votes.
You can also dig down into a feature's demand using these same filters by clicking on it, and using the feedback filters to see who has voted on it.
Just click on the feature title and click "All Wants" under Feature feedback:
Then adjust the filters to see that list of users:


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