What is Receptive and who is it for?

Receptive is Product Demand Intelligence specifically built for SaaS companies. It allows you to collect prioritized demand from your customer base, internal teams, and your prospects.

You get prioritized, up-to-date data so you can segment, analyze and make some really smart product decisions. 

Receptive automates the communication between your teams & your customers, as well as the feedback management and roadmapping process.

Receptive eliminates your product backlog - high value items are bubbled to the top and evolve over time.

Receptive is a solution for your whole business:

Product teams have their whole product management process automated. They receive up to date prioritized data from customers, teams, and the market which allows them to prioritize on a strategic level and move away from day-to-day admin tasks. How product teams can use Receptive data

Dev teams receive tasks from the product team and don't have to worry about communicating back to the product team when an item is complete. How to set the development effort of a feature

Support teams have their workload decreased as requests relating to product improvements or new features have their own central area. Read the guide for customer facing teams here.

Sales teams can track and report on demand from the market and easily follow up with the right prospects as their requests are updated and released. Read the sales guide here.

Customer success teams finally have a way to accurately track and quantify demand from their customer base, see a prioritized list of requirements at a user and account level, and add requests & prioritize on behalf of customers. Read the guide for customer facing teams here

Leadership teams can dial in strategy, get deep insights into which pieces of development align with the direction the business need to move in, communicate strategy clearly across the business, and increase transparency behind decisions which leads to increased support from all teams on where the company is heading. How to plan your roadmaps with the Receptive SmartLists


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