How do I use Receptive?

In this guide:

Logging in

To login to Receptive, go to and click the "Log in" button in the top right corner. Once you're logged in, bookmark your dashboard page for quick access ( 

Note: Remember not to log in through your app! That's for customers only, and you'll miss out on all of your admin rights.

Creating a feature

You probably know that Receptive gives your customers a dashboard to vote & prioritize their requests. But as a team member you also have needs from your product. You can create a new feature request by clicking the "Suggest" link in the top navigation.

Add a title and a description, including your use case and why this would make your job easier:


Updating your priorities

Once you've voted/created 2+ features you can update your priorities. This way your product team will know what's most important to you and your team:


Requesting Receptive features

Have ideas for how our software could help you and your team work faster or smarter? We'd love to hear them!

Just login to your account from 
the homepage.

From the dropdown menu in the top right corner, select "Request Receptive feature":


You're now in our customer view (we call it "Meta-Receptive") and you can suggest, search, vote & prioritize features you'd like to see us build.

Tip: Remember to include your use case so our product team can understand the problem you're having when considering your feature.

Any questions? Email or use the form here.




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