Tips for sending out your first engagement email

When sending out your first engagement email, be sure to link your customers to our end user guide, tell them how to access Receptive through the app, and tell them what Receptive is and why it's important. You can include this information in the header / footer of your email:
What is Receptive?
Receptive is a place for you to submit feature requests to {your company}.
Feature requests can be anything from formatting tweaks to integrations, or ideas you’ve had that would make the software work better for you and your company.
Why use Receptive?
Receptive allows you to have a seat at the table when decisions are being made and stay in the loop when your feature requests are reviewed and updated. You can also view the latest releases and our roadmap (if applicable). 
It also allows you to:
  • Get timely feedback on requests from product decision makers
  • Gain greater insight into upcoming releases
  • Increase your impact on feature development 


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