Your settings page is where you can upload your logo, turn on/off notifications, change the visibility of your roadmap, and more. 

To access your settings page, follow this link or click the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select "Settings":


That will take you to the “General” page. You can use the navigation on the left-hand side of the page to reach the other settings.



On General, you will see the following options:

Your vendor name

Shows across your team and customer dashboards and in the “Suggest a feature for [your vendor name]” popup box.

Upcoming Visibility

You have three choices for who sees your "What's Coming?" report: Team Only, Customers & Team, or Public on Web. Your "What's Coming?" report shows features which are "Planned" or "Building".

Roadmap visibility: graphical roadmap

You have three choices for who sees your roadmap.

If you're just getting started, set this to "Team Only" until you've set up your graphical view roadmap.

Customer name hiding

Check this box and your customers won't be able to see each other's names in Receptive. For example, Joe Bloggs will be shown as User-abcd1234. This only applies to your customers — your team will still see your customer's name and customers will be able to see team members' names.

Show vote count to customers

Check this box and your customers will be able to see how many votes each request has.


Request moderation

Checking this box will hide any requests that have not yet been reviewed (ie. their status is "Not Reviewed") from your customers.

Team members will not be affected and will be able to see all requests. Also note that customers will be able to see their own requests, even if they haven't yet been reviewed.

Disable new customer requests

Checking this box will prevent customers from creating any new requests. They will still be able to vote, prioritize, and comment on existing requests.

Your team members will still be able to submit new requests.

Branding & appearance

Upload your logo here. This will replace the “Receptive” logo at the top of your navigation and on emails sent to your customers.

You can also set the primary color of your Receptive dashboard and preview how it will look.

Customer view

Choose whether your customers see Receptive as the default "Portal" view or the optional "Widget" view. Learn more about the widget view here.


Find your integration settings here, including your vendor ID and secret key.

Email and whitelabel settings

Email settings


You can turn notifications on/off for your customers and team members, or disable the login links in customer emails. Read more here.

Email whitelabel settings

By default, email notifications to your team & customers are sent from You can customize this to "" or similar. Read how here.

Manage team

To add a new team member to Receptive, fill in the form on the left-side of the Manage team settings page and click on "Invite Team Member". 


You can also view a list of current team members. To view a team member's profile, click on the team member and you'll be taken through to their profile.

Custom responses

When you update a request’s status (to Planned, Released, etc), by default you have several pre-populated options to explain the transition.

You can also create your own custom saved responses / replies. Read how here.


You are able to create multiple modules within Receptive. This allows requests to be assigned to a specific module so you can focus on one module at a time. Read more here.

Customize suggest form

You can customize the form that your customers use to make a request, editing the questions so you can find out the information most relevant to you. Read more here.

Log in methods

The default is email / password for your teams and widget SSO for your customers. You can set up SSO for either, find out more here.

Any questions? Email or use the form here.



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