How to introduce your customers to Receptive

You can start talking about Receptive to your customers before your integration is set up, and you can continue promoting Receptive long after you've officially launched.

You'll want to tell your customers (and prospects):

  • What Receptive is
  • Why it's so beneficial to them
  • How to find & use it
  • What to expect

Communicate this information is by publishing your full Product Feedback Policy on your knowledge base, and then include relevant sections in your launch announcements.

Once you've published your policy...

Send out an engagement email

This is a personalized email to each of your customers showing them what their priorities are, progress on features they’ve requested, and new items to vote on. And it links them directly to their Receptive dashboard - no sign-in required.

Read more: How to launch Receptive with an engagement email

Quick tips:
  - Move a few of your latest releases to your release log before sending this out for the first time.
  - Set a calendar reminder, or add the engagement email to your release process

Continue to notify your customers about Receptive via:

  • Intercom / in app chat
  • Customer email update
  • Prospect / marketing email update
  • In-app notifications / updates
  • Blog post
  • Social media
  • Press release

Anything public facing can work as a sales tool to let your prospects know that you take their feedback seriously - don’t skip this step!

To boost your launch announcement, consider including a...

CEO Video

Again, the time spent on a CEO video is worth the effort for the amount of buy-in & engagement that is created across your customer base. 

Share this video with your customers, on your blog, and on social media.  

Here are two great examples of our customer's CEO / executive videos. In each of these examples, they explain the benefits of Receptive, why feedback is so important to them, and how it works on a practical level for their customers. 

Planet DDS:


Want more examples? 

Read more about how SS&C Advent launched Receptive to their customer base in The Feedback Loop.

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