How to set development effort of a feature in Receptive

Want to uncover which features are your quick wins? Big, important features? Or the features you should definitely avoid?

All you need to do is dial in the development effort of features to plot them against the value:

Here are two ways to set the effort in Receptive:

1. Bulk editing from the Reports page:

Just go to "Reports" in the top navigation, and select "Chart" from "Report View". 

Any new features needing an effort level will be populated one-by-one for you to dial in the estimated effort. 

Scroll down a bit further to bulk edit the effort level of features:

Click "Back" to save the features.

2. From the individual feature request page:

Open the feature you'd like to set the effort of.

Click the "Edit" button and scroll down slightly to find the "Feature Effort" slider and dial in the estimate there:



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