Tips for customer success teams when responding to feature requests

When a customer submits a feature request to your Customer Success team, they can add that request to Receptive on behalf of that customer and let the customer know that they'll be updated on their request.


Your competitors will probably be sending vague and generic messages, like:

“The only thing I can do is pass it along, and put this in as a feature request. Unfortunately I can not make you any promises if this will be implemented.”


“We have received your idea and we will review it soon.”

So, your team has a huge opportunity to use Receptive and stand out from the crowd.

See blog post: "How to make your (American) customers love you".


Here are some tips and templates that will make a huge difference: 


The Gorgias extension allows you to type a "shortcut" word and it will automatically populate the templated response you'd like to send. 

For example, you can set it up so when you type the word "request" and hit "tab", it populates the following text:

Thank you so much for your feedback! I’ve submitted this as a feature request in our Receptive dashboard, and you'll be automatically updated when your request is reviewed within xx days.

You can reach your dashboard, see your request, vote on features others have submitted, and prioritize your requests by clicking the "Request a feature" button in our app [add link location details].

Also, feel free to add additional details in the discussion section so our product team knows how this feature would help you.

Be specific

Vague responses to feature requests and ideas make customers feel like you don't value their feedback. Show them that you take their requests seriously by having a solid process in place with Receptive to listen, respond, and act on their ideas.

You might find it useful to create a Product Feedback Policy which sets out how you manage feedback and sets any expectations.

This is how one of Receptive's customers, Influitive, use theirs.


Learn how to create the perfect product feedback policy.

Save time by pointing them to Receptive

Once your customers know about Receptive (also see engagement emails) they'll submit fewer support tickets with feature requests and submit it themselves into Receptive. In your Gorgias shortcut (or however your reply to requests), make sure you explain the benefits of Receptive and how they can access it themselves.

Tip: send your customers our end-user guide to Receptive.

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