How to request a new feature on behalf of a customer or prospect

When customers or prospects mention features via phone or email, Receptive allows you to quickly add them to the request and then move on - Receptive handles the rest.

(If you're adding a prospect, you'll need to add them to Receptive first.)

Click "Suggest" from the top navigation.

Under the description box you'll see the text "Requested by you":


Click the link (on "you") and a search box will open for you to tag a customer to that request:


Select the correct user's name and they will now be listed as the requestor.

You can now fill in the form as normal.

Once you click "Tell {your company} I want this" you'll have the option to view that request. 

You'll be the "creator" on the request, but your name will not be listed under "Feature feedback" sidebar. Instead, the user that you tagged will be listed under the "Feature feedback" list.



How to add a customer to an existing request


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