How to track requests from prospects in Receptive

Receptive makes it really easy to track features that prospects mention they would like to see in your software.

All you have to do is create an account for that prospect in Receptive, and then tie them to their request. 

Note: Receptive doesn't send email notifications to your prospects. This gives you the opportunity to reach out when the time is right for each prospect. 

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How to add a prospect to Receptive 

Log in to your Receptive account, and go over to the left-hand side where you'll see "Customers". Click on that and you'll be taken to the relevant page.

You'll either have a form on the left hand side, or you'll need to click "create a customer here" to open the form:



The information you need to fill in on the form is:

  • Full name - the prospect's name
  • Email address (we won't email your prospects)
  • Account - prospect's company name
  • Status - select "Prospect"
  • Monthly value - the potential monetary value for that prospect / company
  • Invite by email? - this will be greyed out once you select "Prospect" under "Status". (We don't send emails to your prospects so you can manage this relationship.) 

How to tie a prospect to an existing feature request

If a prospect requests a feature, you can search Receptive to see if it already exists using the search box. If it does, just open that feature and under "Feature feedback" click the button "Add customer":


Start typing the prospect's first name, and select the correct user.

How to tie a prospect to a new feature request

If the feature doesn't exist, just click "Suggest" in the top navigation and add their request. Instead of adding it on your own behalf, click the "you" link under "Suggested by you" and you can search for the prospect's name. Select the correct user and they'll be tied to that request. 


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