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When you update a feature's status (to Planned, Released, etc), by default you have several pre-populated options to explain the transition...

Awaiting Feedback:

"We're gathering feedback from customers, so that we can gauge demand for this feature. Make sure to click "Want" on this feature if you need it."


"Coming soon! this is a high priority for the team here!"
"This is on our roadmap now, we can't give a definite date for release, but it's coming."


"We've started on this feature, we'll let you know when it's released."
"Our development team are hard at work on this feature right now, check back soon for an update."


"Released now. Thanks for all your interest in this feature, your feedback helps us to build a better product."
"This has been built, and should be available in our next release, which is scheduled for [DATE OF RELEASE]."


"Out of scope, we just don't think that this is somewhere that we're taking our product."
"We don't think there's enough demand from our customers, and we've got to focus on where we can help the most customers."
"Duplicate, I'm declining this as we've got this covered in another feature request: [LINK TO REQUEST]." 

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You can also create your own custom saved responses. There are two ways to do this:

1. Under your account settings

2. When updating the status of a feature

1. Create / edit custom saved replies in your account settings

Click the icon in the top right hand corner and select "Settings".


Select "Custom responses" from the list on the right-hand side. Then click "Manage custom responses":


Click "Create", select the status for the new custom saved reply and hit "Save":


To edit any saved response, just click "Edit" next to the saved response:


And update your response:


2. Create a new custom saved reply when updating the status of a feature

When changing the status of a feature, just check the box "Save response for future use" and the response will be added to your custom saved reply list:



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