Can I use Receptive to help me build a new product?

Receptive is great for an early stage product, when an established organization is developing a new piece of software in the requirements gathering phase.

This case study is a great example:

“We’re currently building a large feature that we hadn’t ever planned on building, until we opened up Receptive. Right away all of our customers voted for it and put it in their top three priorities, even though not one customer mentioned this to us on the phone, in face-to-face meetings, through support, or via email.

Our only regret is that we didn’t have Receptive sooner - knowing that this feature was important to all of our customers from day one would have saved us so much time!”

- Sabine Douglas, Beatroot

 The benefits of using Receptive when building a product from scratch are:

  • Ability to gather use cases/understand pain points centrally where all team members have access
  • Add discussion & files to each request so you can understand the requirements of each customer/prospect in detail
  • Prioritization is taken into account. When building a product from scratch, you need to understand what the top use cases are and how important they are to each customer/prospect you talk to
  • Easily map feature value against development effort
  • You can add, track & prioritize requirements on behalf of customers/prospects so you don't need to give access to anyone other than your internal team if that approach is more appropriate in the early stages
  • The reporting will allow you to segment requirements & priorities anyway you like. For example, you might care about how use cases & priorities are different depending on the job role or size of company/prospect you are talking to


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