What are the costs and benefits of disclosing your product's roadmap to your users?

Are there any companies that do this?

I’m a huge fan of sharing a roadmap with customers but it has to be done in the right way. You can see ours here (screenshot below too).

We have found that sharing a roadmap gives great transparency - it keeps your customers engaged and excited about what you are doing.

Few tips:

Think about whether it’s OK to share your roadmap at all. We have a high-level public roadmap which simply shows features in development and what we have planned. Doing that may not be appropriate for every business.

Don’t add delivery dates. Putting delivery dates on features always ends badly - it’s a plan and not an absolute promise to deliver a feature set within a certain timescale.

You don’t have to make your roadmap public. We do have a public roadmap but in Receptive you can also change this so only your existing customer base have visibility. This gives your customers huge confidence because they can see that you are actively developing your product and have a plan for where you are heading in the future.

Let me know if you go ahead with sharing a roadmap. Would be very interested to hear your experience.

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