CSV Report export

You can export the data from any report by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "Download CSV" button.

What data is contained in the CSV report?

  • score: the calculated Receptive Value out of 100 of each feature for the particular report that you downloaded. Each feature's score will change based on the report selected and the filters applied.
  • id: feature identification number 
  • title: feature title
  • description: feature description
  • resolution: message included in most recent update (example: "Coming soon! This is a high priority for the team here.")
  • status: waiting, building, planned, etc.
  • created_by_user_id: user identification number of the user or team member that created the request
  • resolved_by_user_id: user identification number of the team member that last updated the status of the feature request
  • created_at, updated_at, declined_at, developing_at, planned_at, released_at & waiting_at: date and time the feature request was created, last updated, or moved to each status
  • effort: the effort level set in Receptive, out of 100
  • is_private: True for private features, false for public features


Exporting reports to CSV is included on our Silver and Gold plans. Please get in touch if you need to upgrade.

Suggestions for our CSV export feature?

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