Prospect tracking

It's really easy for Sales teams to:

  • Track & report on prospect feature requests 
  • Easily follow up with prospects as their requests are updated and released 

All you need to do is create the prospect's account in Receptive and add them to any feature requests they've expressed an interest in. You can also prioritize your prospect's requests on their behalf

Prospect tracking makes it easy to stay on top of which prospects requested which features, and as your features are released your Sales team has the perfect opportunity to reach out to let them know that you've made progress on what's important to them.

When deciding what makes it onto your roadmap, you can analyze what's important to your prospects (and filter by estimated account value) in your SmartList (see how below).

In this guide:

How to add a prospect to Receptive 

Log in to your Receptive account, go to the Settings icon and choose “Customers”. 

You'll either have a form on the left hand side, or you'll need to click "create a customer here":

To open the form:

The information you need to fill in on the form is:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Account - prospect's company name
  • Status - select "Prospect"
  • Monthly value - the potential monetary value for that prospect / company
  • Invite by email? - this will be greyed out once you select "Prospect" under "Status".  

How to tie a prospect to a feature request

Once you've created the prospect in Receptive, head to the feature request you'd like to add them to and under "Feature feedback" click the button "Add customer":

Start typing the prospect's first name, and select the correct user:

How to update prospects as features are released

You can really easily see which prospects your sales team can reach out to next, by reviewing all of your latest releases.

Click on "Releases" on the top navigation of your dashboard and select the latest feature. 

To filter the list of users who have voted for that feature, click "All Wants" under "Feature feedback":

Under "Account" select "Prospect":


Any users listed under feature feedback will be prospects that have voted for that released feature.

Receptive doesn't email your prospects updates so you have the opportunity to reach out to prospects individually and personally when the time is right for each prospect. 

The Prospect SmartList

To see what your prospects have requested, click "Reports" on the left-hand navigation.

On the right, you'll see a list of pre-prepared SmartLists. Simply select the Prospect SmartList.


The features listed in your updated SmartList will be your prospect's requests listed in order of priority. You can further filter this list by clicking on the "Advanced" tab and choosing from the options there. 

You can also choose to see a chart showing effort and value for each of the features.


Suggestions for our prospect tracking feature?

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