Getting started guide

Below are the steps to start using your Receptive account:

Account setup

NOTE: Before you commence with the account setup, you should check whether or not you need multi-products or modules, as this will affect your setup.

Click here to see if you need them, and click here to see how to set them up. Please note that customer access to multi-products should be granted via the Receptive integration. (You can also manually give customers access to products one at a time through the UI.)

1. Send integration instructions to your dev team.

2. Upload your logo and review your settings.

3. Import the following features:

a. 10+ recent requests - We recommend seeding a few requests into your dashboard and letting your customers & teams take care of the rest organically. Update the status of these features to "Awaiting feedback" and set the effort level of these features in order to generate your Effort vs Value report.

b. 5+ Released features - Import any recently released features and set the status to "Released" to populate your release log.

c. All features that are already in progress - set the status to "Planned" or "Building" to automatically add these onto your What's Coming list

4. Customize your request form

5. Customize your saved responses

Team onboarding

We recommend inviting your entire company into Receptive so you can easily gather demand from each department and use Receptive on behalf of customers. It's good to start with your product team and your customer facing teams so they can start saving time & track customer requests ASAP.

1. Create a team guidelines / use document

2. Create a CEO video (optional)

Have your CEO record a 1-2 minute video explaining what Receptive is, what your goals are with Receptive, and how it will benefit your company.

This is very powerful because the message is about the benefits of using your software and is coming directly from the leadership team.

It can take a little organizing but the time spent is worth the effort for the amount of buy-in & engagement that is created. Share this with your whole company (and customers!)

Here's a great example of our customer Planet DDS and their manager explaining what receptive is:

3. Use our template for introducing Receptive to your teams here.

4. Invite your teams in

Customer onboarding

1. Use our template for introducing Receptive to your customers here.

At a minimum, share this guide so they know what Receptive is, why it's so beneficial to them, and how they can use it to influence your product decisions. 

2. Notify your customers about Receptive via:

  • Intercom / in app chat
  • Customer email update
  • Prospect / marketing email update
  • In-app notifications / updates
  • Blog post (see template)
  • Social media

Anything public facing can work as a sales tool to let your prospects know that you take their feedback seriously - don’t skip this step!

To boost your launch announcement, consider including a...

3. CEO Video

Again, the time spent on a CEO video is worth the effort for the amount of buy-in & engagement that is created across your customer base. 

Share this video with your customers, on your blog, and on social media. 

See example above.

4. Invite your customers in or integrate

5. Send an engagement email

This is a 100% personalized email to each of your customers showing them what their priorities are, progress on features they’ve requested, and new items to vote on. And it links them directly to their Receptive dashboard - no sign-in required.

The engagement email is much more powerful than a marketing email!

Quick tip: Move a few of your latest releases to your release log before sending this out for the first time. See more tips for sending your first one here.

How to be successful with Receptive

Once you’re all set up, here are some best practices for success.

Plan the review / triage process

Who will be initially reviewing / triaging new requests? We recommend reviewing new requests weekly or bi-weekly to build up customer and team confidence in Receptive, but to do this very quickly at this initial stage. Read about our triage process here.

Quick tip: Only review new requests once. See our triage process to make sure this review is quick & efficient.

Plan your roadmapping process

Which stakeholders will be deciding what makes it onto the roadmap, how will those meetings happen, and how often? How do you communicate your strategic goals that drive these meetings?

Watch our webinar on roadmapping here.

Get everyone excited!

Shout about Receptive in your next few marketing emails to customers & prospects, reminding them to add their requests and update their priorities

Send an engagement email each month.

Set up a calendar reminder to send this out, or add it to your release process.

Show Receptive in your product demos to show prospects that you take feedback seriously

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