Adding tags to features

You have the option to tag features automatically from our integration. See more about how to set up auto-tagging here.

Why is this important?
Feature tags are an incredibly flexible way to track groups of features, segment your reports and analyze demand on your product at a granular level.

You can add as many tags to each feature as you'd like, and you can view them in:

  • The "Reports" tab. Feature tag filters are "sticky" so you can compare and contrast an endless combination of tags.
  • You can also view your groups of features under the "Browse" tag. Just click "All features" at the top to filter your list of features by tag. 

Some ideas for tags to use:

  • Product area (UX/UI, Reporting, etc)
  • Projects (integrations, tests, etc.)
  • Function (communication, onboarding, etc)
  • Account manager / owner
  • Anything else you need to analyze in your reports at the feature level

To add a tag to a feature, just open a feature request and click "Edit". In the "Tags" field, start typing your tag name. Hit enter to create each tag. Any existing tags will be auto populated as you start typing. 

When you import your csv backlog, you can set the tags field and import them in bulk. Learn more here.

Related feature request in Receptive: Bulk / Mass edit features (To open that request, make sure you're logged into your Receptive account and then select "Request Receptive feature" from the menu.)


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