What's the best way to get user feedback?

As a few people have already said, it depends on the context. What stage are you at? What sort of feedback is important to you right now?

We gather feedback through all departments as we are a very customer-focussed organisation. However, an important point to note is that all ideas / suggestions / feature requests all go into a single platform.

We have a link from our software product (we are a B2B SaaS business) which gives our customers a dedicated channel to add, discuss and prioritize their feedback. The prioritization is incredibly important.

By having an open channel, we found that engagement on feedback increased dramatically.

You also get to capture a load of small niggles and day-to-day suggestions that customers don’t feel are important enough to contact your support team about. When you ring customers up, they will often tell you about big pieces of feedback they have. Having an open channel they can always access captures a whole swathe of vital day-to-day feedback. This had a massive impact on our business so I wrote about this quite recently:

Your silent customers have something to tell you

Look forward to getting some more information from you then I’ll be able to answer more comprehensively!

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