Zapier example setup: Github

Why connect Receptive to GitHub?
If your organization uses GitHub to manage software development tasks, then you might find it helpful to have Receptive automatically create issues in GitHub when a Receptive feature request gets to a certain stage.

Use Receptive as a customer-facing & business-facing tool to manage feature requests & feed requests into your development tools at the right moment.

In this walkthrough we’ll take a feature request created by a customer in Receptive, and update it to “building”. At this point, Receptive will feed it into GitHub as a new Issue.

This method uses Receptive’s Zapier integration. Zapier allows you to connect Receptive to 500+ apps, without needing code or developer time.

How to connect Receptive to GitHub

Firstly you’ll need to get an invitation to Receptive’s Zapier app and create a Receptive API key in your Settings/Integrate page.

Log into your Zapier account (free tier will work) and click on “Make a Zap”

Choose Receptive as a trigger app.

Choose a trigger action. In this example we’ll fire the Zap whenever a feature has its status updated

Slight detour to choose the Receptive account and test the integration is wired up.

We choose to only fire this Zap when a feature changes status to “building”

If you test the step, which is recommended, then Zapier will ask you to update a feature to “building” in Receptive now, and wait to receive the event, which should happen within a few seconds.

Choose GitHub as your action app.

Choose “Create Issue” as your GitHub action.

You may have to take a slight detour here to authorise GitHub to talk to Zapier. Then test your GitHub connection and look for the “success” indicator.

Next we set up what your new GitHub issue will look like. We choose a repo and merge in the “title” and “description” from Receptive’s feature request.

Something we do on our own integration with GitHub is label the incoming GitHub issue as an “Enhancement”

Now Zapier will create the issue in GitHub as a test

You can name the Zap and optionally switch it on for immediate integration, or wait until you are ready.


So to summarise, we will take any of your feature requests from Receptive

and when it is updated to “building”:

automatically create a new issue in GitHub:

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