Zapier Integration Setup

Connect 750+ apps to Receptive using our two-way Zapier integration - no coding required.

Note: You must use this link to set up our Zapier integration (see instructions below)

What Receptive triggers are available?

You can set up a Zap to run when:

  • The status of a feature changes
  • A new comment is added to a feature
  • A new feature request is created

When using "Feature Status Changed" as the action, when you get to the "edit options" page you'll need to select "Use a Custom Value" and put the correct Receptive status in the "Custom Value for Status" field:

Options are: 

  • Awaiting feedback
  • Planned
  • Building
  • Released
  • Declined

What Receptive actions are available?

There is one Zapier action available for Receptive:

  • Create / update a customer / end-user record

Example integration ideas

  • Update customer data from
  • Post a message to a Slack channel every time a new feature request is created by your customers
  • Email an account manager if a certain customer comments on a feature request
  • Auto-tweet every time you release a new feature

How to integrate with Zapier

  • Get yourself a Zapier account (their free account will work great with Receptive).
  • Get your invite to Receptive’s Zapier app
  • Click “Accept invite & go to dashboard”
  • Click “Make a Zap” and in the Receptive actions below, search for Receptive in the section “Choose a trigger app” or “Choose an action app”. Note: you will not be able to use the main “Explore” tab to search for Receptive. You need to find Receptive via the Zap setup tab.
  • Get a Receptive API key: log in to Receptive, go to Settings / Integrate / API Keys and click “Create API Key”, or use an existing API key.
  • Choose "eu-west-1" as your API Region unless you're sure your Receptive account is hosted somewhere else

Detailed Zapier examples:

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