Why only import a handful of features?

When you're setting up a new Receptive account we recommend importing just a handful of features from your old product backlog. Why?

Letting your Receptive account develop organically from internal teams & customers allows you to leave your feature backlog in the past - for good.

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Receptive bubbles up your high priority features and allows you to segment out exactly which audience you want to listen to.

When new fresh, requests are added, your customers and team members can easily browse your latest feedback in their dashboard and vote on what is important. They can then prioritize based on importance or urgency.

Requests that aren't important to the audience you want to listen to will naturally fall off of the top of the SmartList.

By importing 500 or 1,000+ features into your account, you're:

  1. Mixing old, stale, and outdated requests in with your new, dynamic Receptive account.
  2. Losing the natural review process new requests will go through as your team & customers login and review your latest requests.

See our recommendations for how many / which features to import when you're setting up your account in our getting started guide.


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