How do I get more customer engagement?

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There are many ways to encourage customer engagement:

CEO Video

Have your CEO record a 1-2 minute video explaining what Receptive is, what your goals are with Receptive, and how it will benefit your company. Share the same video you shared with your team, with your customers, on your blog, and on social media. 

Engagement email

Send out your engagement email on a regular basis. This is much more effective than simply sending announcements because it's 100% personalized to each user and allows your customers to login directly with SSO.

It includes each user's latest priorities, new features you've released that they've requested, and new requests that they can vote on. 

Review regularly

Review new requests every 3-4 days. We've seen a strong correlation between how often product teams review & respond to new features and how often customers login to Receptive to check the status of their requests.

Online communications

Remind your customers in your newsletters and marketing communications to keep their priorities updated.

Over the phone

If you're on the phone with a customer, ask them if their top priority is still current. If not, update their priorities for them!


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