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Yes. You can assign muplitle feature requests to issues in JIRA. You can also assign multiple JIRA issues to a feature request in Receptive.

Can I turn off an individual issue creation in JIRA when I set a Receptive feature toBuilding or Planned?

Yes. When you move a feature to the default status you chose during configuration, the following box appears:

Just uncheck the box and a JIRA issue will not be created.

How do I overwrite the default settings on an individual JIRA issue creation?

When you move an item in Receptive to the status you chose to trigger the creation of an issue in JIRA, you can edit the default settings that you chose when you configured the add-on.

Click the details button next to the checkbox which states an issue will be created in JIRA then make the necessary changes.

I can’t find the right JIRA issue in Receptive

You can use keywords, the JIRA URL, or the issue title. If typing in the issue number, type the entire string (including any dashes).

Example: RJA-2 not just RJA.

I can’t find any Receptive details in my JIRA issue

In order to see the Receptive details on the JIRA issue page, you need to go into the full issue page (not the kanban sidebar, for example). The Receptive panel is at the bottom-right of the issue page:

I moved a feature to the right status in Receptive to create a JIRA issue, but the issue wasn’t created.

A description is required on the Receptive feature in order for it to create an issue in JIRA. Add a short description to resolve this.

Does changing the priority in Receptive edit the priority in JIRA?

Due to the arbitrary nature of JIRA's priority system (i.e. it's dependent on your company) Receptive is unable to edit the priorities. As a result, changing the priority in JIRA will not change the priority in Receptive either.


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