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NOTE: This doc explains how to install the JIRA add-on for Receptive. If you have already done this and want to know how to use the add-on, head here.

If your organization uses JIRA to manage software development, the Receptive add-on is extremely helpful because it allows you to automatically:

  • Create issues in JIRA when a Receptive feature request gets to a certain stage;
  • Release features in Receptive when they are completed in JIRA; and
  • Communicate released features to customers & internal team members.

Why is this important?
The add-on dramatically increases efficiency between the product and development teams and closes the feedback loop for customers and users within your organization.

How to install Receptive’s JIRA add-on

The integration is a standard add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace. It takes a few minutes to install & configure. Here’s the full video. Written instructions are also given below:

Log into your company's JIRA account and go to the settings cog in the top-right.

Select Add-ons from the drop-down menu:

Search for Receptive then click the blue Install button:

Follow the process - there will be a few dialogue boxes asking you to confirm. The installation takes a few seconds. Once it’s complete, you’ll see the following:

How to configure the JIRA add-on

After installation, you need to click the Manage and Configure buttons.



Note: When you do this for the first time, a dialogue box will appear asking you to enter you Receptive username and password.

You will see 2 tabs - one for Receptive actions and the other for JIRA actions. You need to check the configuration for both of these tabs.

Receptive actions

This tab is where you choose:

  • The state a feature request has in Receptive when an issue is created in JIRA e.g., When the status of a Receptive feature request changes to Planned, then an issue is automatically created in Receptive
  • The default project new issues are assigned to
  • The default issue type assigned (Task, Sub-task, Story, Bug, Epic)
  • The JIRA field that the Receptive feature Title goes into
  • The JIRA field that the Receptive feature Description goes into

Note: The project, issue type, title and description fields are all defaults. These can be edited on the Receptive side before the issue is created in JIRA.


JIRA actions

This tab is where you choose the status that the JIRA issue has to trigger the feature request being set to Released in Receptive. E.g., when an issue is marked as Done in JIRA, any linked feature requests in Receptive will automatically have their status changed to Released. When this action occurs, all customers and team members who follow that feature will automatically be notified.


Note: You can select multiple statuses if required.

Once you have configured both tabs, click the Save button and you are ready to go!

Find out more about how to use the JIRA add-on.

If you have any issues or questions, please check our JIRA add-on FAQs or contact support@receptive.io

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