How can I add customers without doing the integration?

If you aren’t ready to integrate with Receptive to give all customers access, you can simply issue invites to those who you do want to have in the system. Many of our customers take this approach prior to integration.

Log in to your Receptive account and click "Customers" on the left-hand navigation.


This will show a list of current customers on the right-hand side, and a box saying "Engage More Customers". In the text under that box is a link saying "create a customer here".


When you click on that link, a form opens up. Filling in this form and clicking "Create Customer" will then add the customer to Receptive.


The information you need to fill in on the form is:

  • Full name
  • Email address - so they will receive an invitation
  • Account name - company name the user belongs to
  • Status - select "paying" if the user belongs to a customer that is on one of your paid accounts. This will allow you to split out the requirements and priorities of paying vs free accounts in Receptive's reporting. Select "not paying" if the user does not belong to a paid account. Select "prospect" if the user is a prospect. 
  • Monthly value - the monetary value that the customer pays you (or will potentially pay you) each month - this will let you split out the request and priorities of your customers based on value (high vs low value) accounts
  • Invite by email?
    • Select "Yes" if you'd like your customer to be notified. (Notifications won't be sent if customer notifications are turned off on your settings page.)
    • Select "No" if you'd like to use Receptive on their behalf, without notifying them.

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