Email whitelabel

What is email whitelabelling?

Receptive sends email notifications to your team and customers from “” by default. 

If you’d like to send email notifications from your own domain for example or, Receptive can do that with email whitelabelling. 

Essentially, you set up some DNS records that prove that Receptive’s mail servers are permitted to sign emails from your domain. Read more about DKIM email signing.

Whitelabelling also helps with branding as your customers will definitely recognize the address your mails are sent from.

  Standard Email Whitelabelled Email


To learn how to set up email whitelabelling, head here.

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    Remi Allegre

    In the last sentence of this guide, you wrote:

    Your emails will now be sent to your team and customers from

    Did you mean: Your emails will now be sent to your team and customers from"? (without the underscore).

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    Dan Dukeson

    Hi Remi thanks for the comment, good spot - I'm not why you didn't get a reply earlier, but the underscore is gone now. Thanks, Dan

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