Request merge

You can combine two requests into one using the merge feature.

Merging preserves all votes, comments, subscriptions, tags and uploads tied to one request, and deletes the other.

Any links to the deleted request will be forwarded to the preserved request.

How do I merge two requests?

If you'd like to notify subscribers that you're merging their request into another, just decline the request with the status: "Duplicate, I'm declining this as we've got this covered in another feature request: #1111". (You can find the request # in the URL after "case/".) 

Open one of the requests that you’d like to merge and click the “Edit” button that appears on the request page:


Click the drop down and select "Merge":


Select or search for the request you’d like to merge. You can also search by feature ID.


Once you find the request you’d like to merge, select it.

Choose the feature Title, Description, Privacy, and ID you’d like to preserve.

Select “Preserve these values” under that request:


Note that all votes, comments, subscriptions, tags and uploads will be added to the preserved request.

Click “Merge features”.

You can now merge another request with your preserved request by clicking “Merge again”. Or click “Done” to close:

What happens to merged requests?

The preserved request will pick up all votes, comments, subscriptions, tags and uploads.

The non-preserved request will be deleted. Loading the deleted request will redirect to the preserved request.

Suggestions for our merge feature?

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