What do my customers see?

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The customer view is very different from what a team member will see when they log in to Receptive. It’s simple, easy-to-use and well loved by thousands of end users!


There are a few ways you can check out the customer view of Receptive.

How can I see Receptive’s customer view?

We use Receptive to manage all of our own ideas, features and requests from our user base. When you have a Receptive account, simply click the Settings icon and choose Submit a request for Receptive.


You will see the Receptive platform where you can add, prioritize and vote of requests as an end user; the same experience that will be available to your own customers.


Widget view

Our widget view displays your customer's Receptive dashboard as an overlay on top of your product. If you have the embedded view enabled, then you can get an idea of what your customers will see using the link below.

Widget Receptive Demo

It will look something like this:


To learn more about the widget view, head here.

Login as a customer in my account

Once you are signed up to a Receptive account, you can invite yourself into Receptive as a test end user. Many of our customers use a personal or second work email address to invite themselves in as a customer.

Tip: if you use gmail, just add a +1, +2, etc to your email address to add several test customer accounts. For example, bob+1@gmail.com, bob+2@gmail.com. Then confirm each account and vote on a few features. (Need help? Email us here.)




Any questions? Email support@receptive.io or use the form here.




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