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How are team permissions set up by default?

There are five default permission groups:

  1. Administrator
    • All permissions
  2. Customer Success
    • Invite customers
    • User editing
    • Send engagements
    • Feature suggest and import
  3. Engineering
    • Change status
    • Comment moderation
    • Feature suggest and import
    • Feature editing
    • Vendor settings
  4. Product Management
    • Invite customers
    • User editing
    • Send engagements
    • Change status
    • Comment moderation
    • Feature suggest and import
    • Feature editing
    • Vendor settings
  5. Sales
    • User editing
    • Feature suggest and import

Note: You can edit all permissions for default permission groups as well as create new permission groups as you see fit. See how below.

By default, all team members have Administrator access to Receptive.

How do I change a team member’s permission group?

Use the top-right navigation to choose "Settings".


On the right-hand side, select "Manage Team" to be shown a list of your team users. Click on the name of the person you want to edit.


Click "Edit" on their profile section.


Using the drop-down menu, select the relevant permission.


How do I edit my default permission groups?

Two ways:

1. From the team member edit page:

Click “manage” next to Permission group.


Click the Permission group name. Select the appropriate permissions and click Update.

Alternatively, navigate back to the list of team members (Settings > Manage Team) and select the permission group from the list of users.


This takes you to the Permission Group page where you can select the appropriate permission update the settings for it.

How do I create a new permission group?

Navigate to the Permissions Group page. Do this by choosing "Settings" in the top-right navigation, then clicking on "Manage Team".

This shows the list of team members. Select any Permission Group name.


This shows the Permission Groups page. Click on the button at the bottom labelled "Create New Permission Group".


Then fill in the details.

What does each permission allow?


  • Change status - change feature status to Awaiting Feedback, Planned, etc.
  • Suggest and import - create features and import csv feature backlog
  • Editing - editing feature title, description, tags, visibility, effort level
  • Comment moderation - deleting and editing comments


  • Sending customer engagement emails
  • Inviting - prior to integrating with the Receptive widget you may invite customers
  • Editing - any customers invited in prior to integrating with the Receptive widget may have their names and email addresses changed


  • Inviting (Administrators only) - inviting new team members
  • Editing (Administrators only) - editing team members’ names, email addresses, team, and permission group


  • Vendor settings - edit vendor name, roadmap visibility, hide customer names, upload company logo and turn on/off customer and team notifications.

Note: The ability to edit team permissions is included on our Silver Plan only. If you don't have user permissions on your plan, all of your team members will have "Administrator" level permissions. Get in touch if you'd like to upgrade your plan:

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