Linking to Receptive from your website or app

Once you’ve integrated with Receptive, you'll need to give your customers access to your account. You can do this by turning on the in-app widget in one-click or exposing a link to Receptive from within your website or app.

When customers click this link they’ll be automatically signed in to their Receptive account where they can create and prioritize their features. 

Whether you call your requests “enhancements”, “ideas”, or “features”, just create an easily accessible link or button within your app. See examples below.

Our own link is titled “Request Receptive feature” and is located within our drop down navigation:

Another great example is Veeqo’s (see case study), which is always showing in a static footer of their app, and is placed directly next to the support link.

This reduces support requests and leads to high Receptive engagement:

Agorapulse (see case study) has a “Suggest features” button in their help drop down navigation:

SalesScreen has their Receptive link at the top of their app's resource page, above the support & documentation links:

BrightMove has a link under their Help menu:

Embedded view

Alternatively, if you have the embedded widget enabled, then the link will be floating on the right-hand side of your product.


When clicked by a customer it will expand out and show the Receptive dashboard.


To find out more about the embedded widget, including how to switch it on or off, please head over here.

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