Importing a feature backlog or list (csv)


It’s very easy to import your feature request backlog into Receptive. Whether you have a spreadsheet with dozens of columns of data or simply a single column of ideas, you just need to save the file in CSV format (UTF-8) and use our import tool.

We recommend seeding 10-20 requests into your dashboard, your latest 5-10 releases, and anything you already have planned or are currently building to populate your roadmap.

Here's a quick view of our import process:

How to import your feature CSV file

You will have the ability to designate a column in your CSV for your Receptive feature requests:

  • Title (minimum required, 256 character limit)
  • Description
  • Tag(s) - features with the same tag are grouped together in Receptive’s reporting e.g., tag by product area
  • Products - these must already exist within Receptive before you import

Once you have your CSV file, make sure it's saved as Unicode UTF-8.

Then click here to login and import your backlog. Or, from your dashboard, click on the icon in the top right corner and click “Import”.

Click "Upload file".

If your CSV has a header row, select “Yes”. Choose the appropriate title, description, and tag columns and leave the rest as the default Not used. As you choose the columns, you’ll see a preview of how your data will be imported into Receptive.

Once you’re happy with the setup, select Import. Once your data has imported, you will have a confirmation message listing the number of features that were imported.

Example CSV file

See the file below called "request backlog example file" for an example of how to use markdown in your description and feature tags and products when you import. 


If you have any problems, just email and attach the CSV file you’d like to import. 


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