How to use Receptive to prepare for customer calls & QBRs

Why is this important?
Before you hop on a call with a customer or for a QBR, it's best to be prepared. You can use Receptive's data to help you prepare topics to speak about.

You can use Receptive to see:

  • What your customer's priorities are across the whole company,
  • The features you've released for that customer,
  • Each individual user's priorities and what you've released for them.

To find this data, start by going to "Customers" using the left-hand navigation.


This will present you with a list of customer accounts.


Selecting one of those accounts takes you to the profile for your customer. Here you can see all the information Receptive stores about your customer.

For the purposes of the QBR, your attention is likely to be focused on the "Account priorities" section on the right-hand side.


This shows you the priorities across the whole of your customer's organization. You can use these priorities to better understand their wants and needs and to prepare for the call. You can also see features that you've released that they expressed an interest in.


This allows you to ask for their opinion and feedback on any new features you've recently released. The CSM can then leave the feedback in a comment to the Dev team.

If you're speaking with a specific person, you can drill down into the data even further and view their individual priorities.

To do this, scroll down to the "Users" section.


This shows a list of all the individual users associated with your customer's organization.

Select the relevant user to be shown their personal profile.


You can now view the individual user's priorities to see what they've requested and voted on. This will help you to prepare for your call.

Released requests

What's more, you can choose to see features that have been released which either the company or the user were interested in.


If you're speaking to the user and they express a change in priorities, you can do that for them there and then. 

Updating priorities

Simply click the edit button and then move the sliders accordingly. This eases the workload on the user and ensures you have the latest data for them in Receptive.



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