Flexible Emailing

Why is this important?
Our flexible emailing feature allows you to send emails to specific groups of users, based on things like requests they're interested in, accounts they're linked to, or tags assigned to them. This makes your emails more personalized and therefore more effective.

There are three main uses of flexible emailing:

Emailing users interested in one request

To email users who are interested in one request, navigate to the relevant request in whichever way you prefer - using browse, search, etc.

On the right hand side is a box labelled "Request activity". Click on the button called "Send Email". This will open the email pop-up flow.


Start by selecting whether the email should go out to everyone interested in this specific feature, or a subset of them.

If you choose a subset, you'll be asked to narrow down users based on tags or accounts.

The next step is to compose the email. You can enter the subject and edit the body of the email using markdown.


Once your email is ready to go, you can preview it, and then when you're happy you can send it.


Emailing users interested in multiple requests

You can also email users who are interested in multiple requests.

NOTE: This does not mean people who are all interested in request A, B, and C, for example. It means that anyone who is interested in A, anyone interested in B, and anyone interested in C will be emailed.

To do this, head over to the "Browse" view using the left-hand navigation.

Next to each request is a checkbox. Select the requests that you want to email about, and then click the "Send Email" button at the top of the list.


This will open the pop-up email flow.

At this point you can choose to send the email to all users interested in these requests, or a subset of the users based on tags and accounts.


Once you've decided, you can compose the email. Enter the subject and edit the body of the email using markdown.

Once you're satisfied, take a look at the preview, and then when you're ready hit "Send Email".


Emailing users linked to a specific account

Sometimes you might want to email all users belonging to a specific account.

If so, navigate to the relevant account. Select "Customers" from the left-hand navigation, and then choose the account from the list.

Scroll down to the "Users" box on the left-hand navigation and click on "Send Email".


This will open the email pop-up flow.

As with the other two use cases, you can start by choosing whether you email all users associated with this account, or a certain subset based on tags.

You can then compose the email, writing a subject line, and editing the body of the email using markdown.


Once the email has been composed, you can view a preview. If you're happy, then you can send it out.


What can I do with flexible emailing?

There are lots of use cases for our flexible emailing feature.

One such use case could be that you want to beta test a feature and gather more feedback before completely rolling it out. With flexible emailing, you could email everyone interested in the feature with a link to your beta test. This would ensure that only those interested in the feature were testing it out.

Another use case could be that you want feedback on certain features but only from users of certain accounts. Flexible emailing enables you to select which accounts you send the email to, so you can ask for feedback from any subset of users you want.


If you have any further questions, send them over to support@receptive.io and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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