How are user limits calculated?

There are two types of user in Receptive: Team Users and Customer Users. 

Plans have limits on Team Users and Customer Users, so make sure you allow for enough. Contact support to discuss upgrading your plan or adding on bundles of users.

Team Users

Team Users are people in your organization that you invite to access Receptive.

Team Users can (depending on their permissions) submit and prioritize their own feedback, view and manage incoming requests, vote and prioritize on behalf of customer users, and look at Receptive's reports to understand the value of different requests. 

Team User Limits

Each time you invite a new Team User, Receptive updates your Team User count. If you hit a limit, Receptive will let you know.

Customer Users

Customer Users are the users of your product that are given access to Receptive so that they can give you feedback about your products. 

Users can submit ideas for themselves, browse ideas, prioritize, comment, and use all the Receptive features intended for Customer Users.

Customer Users can only submit feedback for themselves, and not on behalf of another user. Team Users can submit feedback on behalf of another user. 

Customer User Limits

Customer user limits are based on the customer user records in your Receptive account. A customer that has a profile and is logging in to your account, and a customer that has a profile but is not logging in to your account will both count equally towards your user limits. 

(In other words, you can hit your limits even if you're using Receptive internally only. Limits aren't based on "active customer logins", but "customer records" which allow your teams to vote and prioritize on behalf of customers.)

If you hit the limit, you won't be able to create any more Customer Users. 

Customer Users are individuals, rather than the Account that they belong to, so the count is about people, not logos or customer sites.  

If, like most people, you integrate the Receptive javascript into your app, then we'll count all of the user records you send over to Receptive towards your Customer User Limit. You have complete flexibility and control over how many, and which user records you create in Receptive. (For example, if you just want to track feedback from your "admin" customers.) The count will start at zero and increment each time a Customer User is seen for the first time.

If you invite Customer Users into Receptive manually, or with the API, then we'll increment the count as you do that. You can delete Customer User records to decrease your count.

If your customers or teams don't fit nicely on one of our price plans, or if you have a lot of freemium or light users, please get in touch with sales and we'll help you out.


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