Our reports allow you to easily identify the requests that are most worth building, enabling you delve into different types of users and the wants and needs specific to them.

There are two types of reports which Receptive can generate for you, both accessible by clicking "Reports" on the left-hand navigation.

The reports show you the most popular requests for each subsection of users.

What is the Value?

Popularity is based on several different metrics, including the value of the account, the number of wants, and end user priorities.

These metrics are combined to give a "value" that you see in the list.

Our approach improves on the "popular voting" system that similar tools use to rank requests, in that it takes a range of variables and measures all of those, creating a score that reflects them.

When you first start using Receptive and don't have a lot of data, this can be counter-intuitive. For example, you might have Request 1 with 5 votes, and Request 2 with 10 votes, but Request 1 is classed as a bigger priority.

This is because the five people who voted for Request 1 might not have voted for anything else, and so the priority score is higher. Alternatively, it could be that the customers who voted for Request 1 have a higher value. 

So you see while simply counting the number of votes looks like the best option, it ignores a lot of key information. The value Receptive calculates offers a far more holistic approach. 

You can be certain that the requests with the highest value are the best for you to be building.

Demand Reports

The first type you'll see is "Demand Reports". These are reports generated based on type of customer, categories, and filters which you have set up.

You can choose from the list of "Predefined reports" on the right-hand side to automatically create a list of features for you to browse through.


For example, selecting the "Churned Customers" report will generate a list of features prioritized by your churned users.


If you click on "Advanced" on the right-hand side, you will open up a tab with more options on. You can use these to generate a report of your choosing, altering the type of report, the view, and adding any filters you deem applicable.


NOTE: While you can combine filters to see a list of requests from customers AND prospects, you are unable to mix the data from customers and internal team members. This is for a number of reasons, but the gist is that in most cases it's best to keep those two data streams separate and analyze each individually.

What's Coming?

The other type of report you can access is done so by clicking the "What's Coming?" tab at the top (beside "Demand Reports").

This is a pre-populated list of features labelled as "Planned" or "Building" and offers an alternative view to the graphical roadmap. It allows you to see the features that will be coming in the future.

You can change the visibility of this report, allowing or restricting access to the public, by clicking on "Change" at the top. This will take you to the settings page where you can choose the visibility.



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