Email Whitelabel Setup

The following steps walk you though the process needed to set up email whitelabelling with Receptive.

This allows you to send email notifications from your own domain, as opposed to Receptive's own domain.


1. Choose a from email address for example,,, etc (should be a real email address at your actual domain).

Optional: Choose a from name for step 1. For example, "Company Name Feedback" or "Company Name Roadmap". 

2. Choose a new hostname that Receptive will send emails from, for example This should not already exist in DNS. (Note: this URL needs to be different from your white label domain. Example: instead of

3. Choose a hostname that Receptive will use for clicktracking for example This should not already exist in DNS

4. Send the above information to We’ll configure whitelabelling on Receptive’s servers.


1.) From email:
     From name: "Acme Corp Feedback"
2.) Host:
3.) Host for click tracking:
5. We’ll notify you that setup is done on our side.

6. Grab your DNS records from your Receptive account settings page and pass them to your network administrator to set up on your side. They will look similar to this:

Record Type Host Data

7. Once your network administrator has set up the new DNS records, we’ll check them and activate your whitelabel emails.

8. Your emails will now be sent to your team and customers from Receptive’s servers will sign the emails on your behalf for maximum deliverability.

Users can reply directly to some notifications, (status changes and comments) and their email reply is routed into your Receptive account. This is done with a special reply-to header on the email that looks something like 


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