Setting up Multi-product

Why is this important?
Multi-product is perfect for software businesses with several distinct products or modules. Rather than seeing the data for all of their company’s product offerings, product managers can focus on the product they’re working on.

You can be more productive, more efficient, and it makes your life a whole lot easier. What’s not to love?

Receptive’s multi-product feature allows you to add a number of different products to your dashboard. Requests can then be assigned to a particular product.

It is then possible to filter your dashboard and results by product, enabling you to focus on that one particular product.

Your customers will be able to request a feature specifically for a certain product when they fill in the feedback form.

To find out if you need multi-product, go here: Do I need multi-product?

Learn how to setup multi-product below:

Auto tagging products >>

How to add a product >>

Auto tagging products

Using the Receptive integration you can automatically assign users to their relevant products or product areas.

Simply use the key for "user.allowed_products" when creating or updating your snippet in step one here

The external ID for an existing product can be found here or go to Settings > Multiple Products and select "Manage products". The ID is in parenthesis to the right of the product name: 


For example, the external ID for the "Process" is 'process-07b9a53a'. 

You can also create a new product on the fly via the integration by using a new external ID in the integration snippet. 

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How to add a product

Start by heading over to your settings menu by clicking the drop-down menu in the top-right corner and selecting “Settings”.

Then, scroll down until you see the multiple products box. Here you can click “Manage products”.

This shows a screen with the option to add a new product or edit existing products.


Fill in the name of your new product and click the “Add Product” button.

This will add a new product to your Receptive dashboard. 

Every time you add a new product, you need to update the integration in order to give your customers access to them.

NOTE: Your current feature requests will be assigned to your initial product, named after your company. So after adding your first product, you will see two products. One will be the one you have just created, and the other will be your initial product.

To learn more on how to use multi-product once you've set it up, head here.

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