How do I view my feedback data based on NPS?

If you have your NPS survey data in your product, you can segment out your feedback based on your user's specific NPS score or type such as promoters, passives, and detractors.

It's easy to get started, you just need to set up auto-tagging to send over NPS data into Receptive at the user level.

When setting up auto-tagging:

  • Use tag categories like "NPS:Detractor"
  • You can either tag up users as "0", "1", etc. but we recommend setting up your integration to "bucket" your scores based whether they fall within 0-6 (detractors), 7-8 (passives), or 9-10 (promoters).

Once your NPS data is tied to your users in Receptive, you can head over to your reports and view all your requests based on NPS score.

Just click on "Advanced" and then expand your "User" filters to view the NPS groups: 


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