Embed Receptive into your product

Why is this important?
Embedding your Receptive dashboard into your product allows your customers to easily provide feedback without having to leave your application.

Embedded Receptive was released in April 2017.

Embedding Receptive into your product is simple once you have installed the Javascript snippet. You can switch between Embedded (in-app) and Portal experiences whenever you like.

This guide assumes you've already installed the Receptive javascript snippet into your app. Go here for a guide to installing the integration if you haven't done that yet.

If you've already installed the javascript snippet, you can easily switch to embedded, no developer required:

From your Receptive account, start by heading over to the top-right menu and clicking on "Settings".

On the Settings page, click "Customer view" from the list on the right-hand side of the page. This will bring up the following screen:


Select the "Widget view" box on the left. Below you'll see the options to customize your widget.

By default you'll get a tab on the right-hand side of your app, saying "Suggest a Feature". See the following example install:


When your end users want to submit feedback, they will see something that looks like this:


You have now embedded Receptive into your app.

Customization options

By default, the tab will appear on the middle right of the screen, in Receptive's blue, saying "Suggest a feature". 

You are able to customize this when you select the widget option from Settings > Customer view. You can edit the text, change the color, and alter the position of the tab.


Any questions? Email support@receptive.io or use the form here.

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