Using the Salesforce integration

NOTE: This doc is designed to show you how to use the Salesforce integration with Receptive, assuming that you've already set it up. For instructions on how to set up the integration, head here.

Using the integration in Receptive 

1. Linking Salesforce contacts to requests in Receptive 

In Receptive, find the feature the prospect / lead has requested.

Under "Feature feedback", click the "Add Customer" button and start typing in the contact's name. Salesforce contacts will have the SF icon in front of their name so you can select the correct user and hit "enter" to add them to the feature.


2. Viewing which Salesforce contacts have voted for features in Receptive

To see the Salesforce contacts have voted for a feature in Receptive, just open the feature in Receptive and scroll to the "Salesforce" section:


3. Viewing Prospect's requests in Receptive reporting

You can segment out your prospect's requests in your Receptive reports to help you understand what your prospects have requested.

From your Reports page in Receptive, just scroll down to the "Account Status" filter and select "Prospect":


Using the integration in Salesforce 

1. Link a customer to an existing feature request

Go to the relevant user's page (contact page) in Salesforce. Scroll to the Receptive section and click the "Create / Link feature" button.


Start typing the feature title and similar features will populate below the description box. Click "Select feature" next to each feature to see the full description. Click "Link Existing Feature" when you've selected the correct feature.



2. Create a new feature request

Follow the steps above for linking a customer to a feature request, and instead of selecting an existing feature, type in the new feature title & description and click "Create New feature":


The customer will be automatically tied to their new feature request, and when you return to the contact's page you'll see the linked feature under the Receptive section:



What are your limits / usage on our Salesforce account?

Our integration does not require any bulk operations or initial import/export so usage is minimal. Your usage will only be impacted when you:

  • Tie a prospect / customer to a Receptive feature in Salesforce
  • Tie a prospect / customer to a Receptive feature in Receptive

How are Salesforce account types handled?

Salesforce Account types are automatically updated in Receptive:

Salesforce Account Type 

Receptive Account Type
Customer - Direct Paying Customer
Customer - Channel Paying Customer
Prospect Prospect
Other Defaults to "Not Paying" Customer


The Salesforce integration is included on our Gold Plan.



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