Integration setup email for devs [template]

You can use the following email template (customize if you wish) to send to your devs so they can start integrating Receptive.

Receptive was built for SaaS businesses so integration is fairly straightforward. The javascript integration is used for two things:

1. SSO: Our customers can use single sign-on to access our Receptive dashboard to make it easier for them to leave feedback.

2. Customer records: The integration automatically keeps our customer records up to date in our Receptive dashboard.

Here's how to set it up:

  • First, we need to install Receptive in our SaaS app. Instructions here.
  • While setting up the integration, we need to give customers access to the appropriate products / modules. Here are the products we have set up and the customers that should be granted access:
    • Module 1: only customers who have access to Module 1
    • Module 2: all customers
    • Module 3: only customers who have access to Module 3
  • We also want to tag any data we have in the app for products, end-users, accounts, and features. Read more here
  • Once we're integrated, we just need to turn on the in-app widget or create a link to our Receptive dashboard from within our app or site. Until this step, customers will not have access to our Receptive account. 


You should customize this email depending on your needs.


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