Using the Zendesk integration

NOTE: This doc explains how to use the Receptive integration with Zendesk, assuming you already have it set up. For help on setting up the integration, head here.

How to use the Receptive app in Zendesk:

To begin using the Receptive app in Zendesk, open a Zendesk ticket and click Apps in the upper right hand corner to expose the Receptive panel.

Click the Link / Suggest Feature button to create or search for a Receptive feature request.

By default, the email subject & content populates a new feature title & description, with the customer subscribed:


Click "Create feature" to create a new feature:


Select a feature that matches the title if the feature already exists:


Search for a similar feature by editing the feature title text:


Choose whether to subscribe user.

When you're done click "Create feature".

To view your new request in Receptive, just click the title in the Receptive panel:


And you'll see the linked Zendesk ticket:


Read the guide for support teams using the Zendesk integration here.


Any questions? Email or use the form here.




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